1001011001001: digital pictures from my latest adventures.

terrenea: ferrari parking lot.

kapalua: sn-sn-sn-snorkel face.
散れ: 千本桜!
golden gate: smooth criminal.
farallon: valentine's prix fixe menu.
half moon bay: the arctic sea.

muir woods: redwoods and surly sandwich employees.
calacademy: resurrection.
jurassic park: aka kauai.
jhui phd: eecs keychain vs. michael mina.
oahu: al-o-haaaa.

la j-town: random cats and the curry house.
tar pits: future property of the riken research institute.
rubicon: coppola, and that other guy.
birch: five minute aquarium.
giraffe saliva: wild animal park.

h2k07: wii ddr.
点滴: from kyoto to shibuya.
レッドスティール : wiiパーティ.
cephalopods: たこ焼きパーティ.
unscenic: 49-mile drive.

kuroramen: maruichi, etc.
koo: waka . . . 何?
alligator gar: steinhart aquarium.
wondercon: star wars episode x.
prix fixe: some wine for you?

c2k06: sushi factory.
the crackhouse: aka, the blair witch project iii.
angelfish: toro in the extreme.
uzen: sushi euphoria.
nihonmachi: on the bridge.

frilly: lolita versus french maid.
oyaji: four hours of culinary excess.
tokyo: sensory overload.
sonoma: essence of strawberry.
sydney: are you gwahmay?

svp-ii: super venison party 2.
deer tartare: grass fed.
elasmobranchs: now featuring the incredible sawfish.
kobe beef: wagyu cattle in a red wine reduction sauce.
c2k04: 9 ft^2 of toxic sludge.

grenoble: paprika pringles at zero degrees.
espetus: fresh meat, right off the bone.
citywalk: pho tai and the dinosaur.
la: and you'll be with totoro, totoro.
engagement: on the pacific coast.

nyc: hot trash.
hawaii: in search of liquid hot mag-ma.
c2k03: christmas at 384 kbps.
sea world: two hour fajitas and arowanas.
cambridge: per favore non calpestare il prato.

london: high speed train hopping and extreme tourism.
deep blue sea: the aquarium of the bay.
timeout: extreme sedation at the oakland zoo.
hot pock: sandy's spring break in the hood.
monterey: the twenty-seven dollar key lime pie.

jobby: the house elf.
vegas: deep sea and slot machine lossage.
long beet: puff the magic dragon lived by the sea.
nerd tv: deep dish pizzas in a snowstorm.
disneyland: 739,493,174 megawatt hours and counting.

logout: the sterilization of 533 soda.
thanksgiving 2001: chicken's big adventure.
denver: britney spears and osama bin laden.
sandy: my true love.
koh samui: sweaty, deet covered bodies dancing under a full moon.

bangkok: "oh-pen the bah-tuhl."
urban wasteland: ubiquitous shopping in singapore.
freak show: pre atlantis in berkeley.
28x: no minors allowed.
japan: fashionable girls and trance music in shinjuku.

san diego: nuclear fission and girls with chicklets.
toulouse: the eternal quest for the stingray.
467+: bad ui's and the spirit of cedric krumbein.
y2k: shrimp extract and the pg&e hack.
maui: an aspirin popping, waterfalled out christmas in 80 degree weather.

net censorship: don't fight for your rights.
fuse: a martini drinking, smoke filled outing in north beach.
post turkey: scrabble at the albatross.
portland: the homogeneous sleepy city from hell.
the crawl: you're so money and you don't even know it.

halloween 1999: a three phase all night adventure.
6300 claremont: pre halloween festivities.
moma blows: pass me the frosted flakes.
ave. 9 on 9 ave.: a brief exploration of the sunset.
photography 101: an excursion in the fredmobile.

bnc, pgp public key