y2k: shrimp extract and the pg&e hack.

tao ye, co-host and stomper, looking mighty festive in a beautiful new dress.
dan garcia, co-host and famed web geek, striking a gq-like pose.
martin frankel, dressed for the occasion.
pascal renucci, not. :)
fielding mellish making a cameo appearance.
tom, drew, and yatin in the foreground, dan's wall o' books in the background.
drew roselli minus her elusive friend.
yatin, tao, and fielding mellish prior to fielding mellish's early departure.
baby, pondering the effects of imminent y2k bugs.
tao, color coordinated in dress, lips, nails, and, after another drink, face as well.
alexis and martin. they've known each other since high school.
a shot of the action. match the item in tao's hand with items shown later on this page. hmm . . .
tom, experiencing what it is like to be a 411 operator.
yatin, trying to make the unphotogenic not.
and, despite a great attempt, being unsuccessful.
dan's highly fault-tolerant fire emergency kit.
tao snapping some photos. that's angie schuett in the background. her dad owns discus.
tao, hands-free.
carefully unbuttoned, steve fink.
tao's pal, munazza bukhar. she vehemently objected to my taking of certain key photos.
tao and munazza catching up.
dan explains his hopes for y2k, including his highly anticipated bay area power outage.
a mere sampling of the food. note how key items are consistently co-located with tao. this is not a product of the gimp.
peter reading some highly questionable material.
drew patiently posing while i fiddle with my unusually uncooperative digital camera.
background: munazza and tao drinking shrimp extract -- or if you prefer, chrysanthemum tea.
orgy on dan's bed.
and now a mosh pit.
and now an orgy again.
tom and yatin sharing an intimate moment while someone attempts to foil my shot.
baby malfunctioning due to y2k-defective chromosomes.
same place, different perspective.
pascal and angie hanging out.
dan could easily have landed a role in francis coppola's dracula with this gesture. i've seen that movie far too many times.
angie and dan as the games begin.
props. any familiar items? that orange ball ended up in my mouth, btw.
removed at the request of "someone". given the items in the photo on the left, er, perhaps you can imagine what it was about. :)
melissa, tao, and nick partying.
yatin, seconds before nuking the power in our simulated pg&e y2k blackout. he's the real culprit! :)
after bringing in the new year with new york, chicago, and others, we headed to the roof for y2k here and to watch the fireworks.
another shot.
more rooftop y2k celebrating.
upon returning to dan's place, we were surprised to find that we had suddenly lost power! dan's y2k wish come true. :)
and so, we hung out chatting on the living room floor under the candlelight while waiting for the "repairs".
the flash destroys the effect. it was really quite dark at the time.
dan carefully inspecting something.
everyone asked for the back of tao's dress. here it is!

image capture by kodak dc240, transfer and thumbnails by gphoto.
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