November 28, 2004


Dear owner of the piece of #**$! gray Chevrolet Malibu Classic with license plate number 5KGK691:

I hope you had a great time stuffing your face this weekend while utilizing my parking spot. Needless to say, should this happen again, I will not hesistate to employ the services of the most neanderthal-like members of the auto towing workforce that I can find to haul your pathetic ride off the premises.

Your owner

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Back from LA. New pictures now online.

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November 15, 2004


Sign the online petition to reinstate free parking at Bay Street Emeryville. Read the SFgate article here.
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November 08, 2004

Slow death

Berkeley Q-cup review. Drinks: 6/7. Food: 0/7. Service: 3/7. Expected lifetime: 8 months before closing up shop. Of course, 44.3% of UC Berkeley's undergraduate population is Asian, so perhaps this will be a slow death before this space frees up. *tapping foot until that day*

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