12 dec 2000: i've just received an email from dan stiles that describes yet another tale of pacbell incompetence. this time around, we have an assortment of pacbell treats: denial of problems which clearly originate on their end, losing an order twice, two month delays for installations, and refusal to move dan's billing over to a new number because they didn't believe that he was who he says he was. read more about this madness here.
29 nov 2000: i've just received a hilarious email from phil buonadonna detailing his wonderful experience with electronic payments to pacbell. read more here.
28 nov 2000: i've just received an email from a fellow by the name of terje oseberg who apparently is also familiar with pac bell hell! highlights of his tales include: double billing, getting 128k upstream instead of the 384k he paid for, and the shutting down of his service even after he paid his bill! read more here.
14 jan 2000: i've been somewhat annoyed that my dsl line was down for over 24 hours recently. between extended periods of being out of sync with pachell's co, i managed to get a few packets through. too bad the latencies were over a minute long. read more here.
21 sept 1999: i've noticed that traffic from my machine to the internet is now being routed through a different pacbell router. apparently, they've finally taken notice of edge1's performance problems. the new router seems a bit better.
18 sept 1999: i've done some measurements of my adsl connectivity. check out this ping time distribution measured over a 24 hour interval (5am fri 17 sept 1999 to 5am sat 18 sept 1999).
17 sept 1999: i've created a table with information on pacbell employees at various facilities. too bad i lost my notes on employees at the isdn center. those might have been useful to someone.
17 sept 1999: i've emailed yet another trouble report detailing the performance problems i'm seeing inside of pacbell's network. they've yet to look into it. here's their form response.
3 march 1999: i've just been informed by a pacbell employee that due to a problem in their billing system, pacbell is overcharging all customers with one year adsl commitments. 384/128 customers are being charged $59/month instead of $39/month. affected customers, they say, should pay the incorrect charges and ask for refunds when the problem is fixed.

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