February 28, 2007

UC Berkeley Optometry Class of XYZ?

My quest to be reunited with my favorite UC Berkeley School of Optometry optometrist continues. From the American Optometric Association's web site just now. *sigh*

In related news, I've recently come to the unfortunate conclusion that many students on rotation at the Tang Center are completely incapable of applying even rudimentary logic to perform basic scientific reasoning. Rote memorization of eye-specific biological phenomena seems to reign supreme in their list of priorities in becoming "proficient" in their field.

Experiment: ask your next 4th-year optometry student treating you a few questions next time regarding your diagnosis, their recommendations, etc. The lack of technical depth there is pretty stunning more often than not.

Despite my recent disappointments with Tang, however, the all-time award for technical ineptitude still lies with the annoying student (who clearly was doing too much E while he was there) who was worse than the guy from Memento. Five minutes after we stepped into the room (beginning with the usual "Are you taking any current medications, etc."), he was completely convinced that he had already completed the entire exam (despite my pointing to my watch and noting that only five minutes had elapsed). That was unbelievable.

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February 01, 2007

Christmas 2006 Pictures

Christmas 2006 pictures posted (no captions)! Vegas 2006 pictures coming shortly . . .

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