REXEC: A Secure, Decentralized Remote Execution System for Clusters

Brent N. Chun
University of California at Berkeley
Computer Science Division

Please see the GEXEC web page instead.

Bringing clusters of computers into the mainstream as general-purpose computing systems requires that better facilities for transparent remote execution of parallel and sequential applications be developed. While much research has already been done in this area, most of this work remains inaccessible for clusters built using contemporary hardware and operating systems. Implementations are either too old and/or not publicly available, require use of operating systems which are not supported by modern hardware, or simply do not meet the functional requirements demanded by practical use in real world settings. To address these issues, we designed REXEC, a decentralized, secure remote execution facility. It provides high availability, scalability, transparent remote execution, dynamic cluster configuration, decoupled node discovery and selection, a well-defined failure and cleanup model, parallel and distributed program support, and strong authentication and encryption. The system is implemented and is currently installed and in use on a 85-node, 300+ processor cluster of 2/4-way SMPs running the Linux 2.2.5 operating system.


Old versions of REXEC can be found here.

Installation Instructions

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